Ion After Care for Body Piercing 3 Pack


Body piercing has become a modern day right of passage. Just as it is vitally important to go to a reputable body piercer for a safe, clean piercing it is just as important that you use an effective aftercare product. Ion Aftercare was created by a professional body piercer with over 20 years of experience for use with his own clients in his own shop. It was created for professionals by professionals.



Now experience the healing power of silver yourself in Ionic Piercing Aftercare Spray. Ionic Silver is a solution which utilizes the natural healing power of silver. Ionic piercing aftercare will lessen the healing time of your piercing and help prevent virus and infection.

Ionic silver is a water soluble, topical wound treatment now available to you. By removing 1 electron from the silver atom, we have created an ionized silver that has an affinity to bind to bacteria, viruses, and fungus to immediately allow the silver to destroy them.


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