Ion Silver Spray 2oz. Bottle 3 Pack


For centuries silver has been used for medical and practical means. Phoenicians stored wine, water, and vinegar in silver bottles to preserve the liquids. In the early 1900’s, people placed silver coins in their bottles of their milk to keep it from spoiling. Hippocrates himself, “the father was of medicine,” wrote that silver has beneficial healing properties.

Ionic silver is a water soluble, topical wound treatment now available to you. By removing 1 electron from the silver atom, we have created an ionized silver that has an affinity to bind to bacteria, virus, and fungus to immediately allow the silver to destroy them.

Now experience the healing power of silver yourself in Ion Silver Spray. Ionic Silver is a solution which utilizes the natural healing power of silver. Ionic piercing aftercare will lessen the healing time of your piercing and help prevent virus and infection.



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